Iris Concepts

IRIS Auto is a transparency tool that simply and efficiently allows a technician or service provider to compose a personalized video explanation of their vehicle and send it to a customer via text message or email, to arrive in the palm of your client’s hand wherever they are.


Improve customer perception through transparency


Empower your customers through a greater understanding


Runs on most modern Android and iOS devices

About Iris Auto

We deliver visible, real world improvements in customer interaction to improve client perception of the automotive service industry.
Our focus is on providing customers with information, education and vision to make informed and confident decisions regarding their vehicle and its care.
An invaluable tool to grow revenue and fill your workshop without reinventing the wheel.
An innovation that earns trust through transparency and visible professionalism.
At a time when connectivity and convenience are paramount.

Iris Auto, your customers window to the workshop.

What people are saying...

Beth - Corolla

"What a fantastic thing to do. Thank you!"

Dave - Mazda 3

"Great service. This video showing parts that need replacing is a smart innovation for car servicing"

Aaron - Hilux

"Great Bloody Feature."